24-Hours at Le Mans — GT3 Podium

24-Hours at Le Mans - GT3 Podium

24-Hours at Le Mans — GT3 Podium.

Well, that was a nail-biter. You could not have predicted that after the first hour of the race. #585 Asetek Simsports by Volante Racing started from pole position, but that is not where they ended up at all. And in fact, they were lucky to be able to overtake the #777 DSR-GaddgetHuset.dk for second place.

A funny thing about this race is that the fans actually pointed to one of the ID Simport cars as the winner, but that was the #166 instead of the #199. But they did get the team right with a whopping 41% of the votes!

The finishing result also nearly had an impact on the final season result. Because if the #585 Volante Racing by Asetek Simsports didn’t finish ahead of the #777 DSR-GaddgetHuset.dk, then the #404 of glam racing would have finished third instead of second in the championship. And the team beating them for second place would have been exactly the #777 crew.

The problems with pre-occupied drivers and some internet issues took their toll on the #404 GlamRacing crew and that is why we don’t see them on the podium for the first time in four races. The Brasilian CKR team also made a glorious return, after winning at Monza and taking third at Sebring, but due to hardware problems this time around they failed to finish the race.

Now here is the race result, points and being the last race, this is also the season result. But more on the season podium spots in separate articles to come.

The final podium saw the #199 Ferrari of ID Simsport driven by Andreas Nygaard, Martin Svanholm, Mathias Hjorth, and Thomas Brejnegaard take the win in GT3, followed by Niels Hoogeveen, Maciej Kasprzyk, Elisio Netto, Alexander Secher, and Marc Vermeer in the #585 Audi of Asetek Simsports by Volante Racing. Finally, on the third step, Karl Lykkegaard, Michael Ciccolini, Steven Salgsgaard, Mathias Hårvig, and Mads Hedegaard driving the #777 DSR-GaddgetHuset.dk Callaway Corvette.

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- Peter Munkholm



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