GlamRacing 404 race recap From Le Mans 2022

Peter Munkholm
4 min readNov 6, 2022


GlamRacing 404 race recap From Le Mans 2022

GlamRacing 404 race recap From Le Mans 2022.

After a bland Qualifying, we were starting on p4 on the starting grid for the 24 hours of Le Mans with Lee Russell behind the wheel.

Lee had a blinding start by putting the 777 DSR-gadgethuset car under pressure and passing them under the Dunlop bridge on lap 1, he retained the pushing and passed CKR on lap 3 of the race going down to the 1st chicane on the Mulsanne straight using all of the slipstreams. So, within the first couple of laps, we went from p4 to p2 on the grid.

Lee stayed on a really fast pace through the 2 stints, and at the end of his first couple of stints he handed the car over to Jarrod — Jarrod had some really good stints — staying out of any trouble and driving a good and steady pace.

Taking over for Jarrod was Henrik and he took it nice and easy in the first stint, mostly just struggling with rear tire temperatures, after a new set of boots and a full tank he went to push mode and took around 20 seconds out of the competition before he sends the driving duties on to Nick Newcombe, and then trouble begins to show its ugly head.

We got a DQ due to having turned off the headlight after we had blinked at a GTE car despite us not being able to see the lights really working and without any sort of warning from the game or from Race Control, so we had to just take a penalty for that.

Now being 3 laps down we had contact with the leading DPI car that gave us enough damage that we had to repair the car, which took 70sec, but we opted to refuel and keep the tires.

Henrik got back in the car and just tried to push as fast as he could while trying to stay out of trouble which he managed very well — so after 2 good stints he handed the car to Lee.

Lee did have some issues with a battery that started to act up which meant he had some troubles with his wheel — but he got it fixed. When Lee took over the car, we were in P6 in class, but luckily for us but sadly for them, 188 Teleforeningen had some kind of issue so they DQ’ed, which meant that we got up to P5 with about 14 hours of the race left. In Lee’s 2nd stint he managed to unlap us from the leader in the class by a lap and had a great stint from then on.

A very rested Jarrod was ready to take over from Lee — and he was just flying around on track making the great pace and staying clear of any bad luck.

But unfortunately after the driver swap between Jarrod and Nick — our luck ran out again — we could not steer clear to an incident between Nick Newcombe and the Viadukten car which unfortunately required a reconnect and Race Control also gave us a 60 seconds stop and go penalty, so we were again down in 5th place.

Nick stayed in the car after the stop-and-go but was unlucky to get tapped by DPI number 48 at Arnage which ended up costing us an extra pitstop, during the pitstop we decided to change drivers, Henrik was next up and he put in 3 fast stints in the early morning hours till Jerrod took over the car for another 3 stints

With Jarrod behind the wheel, the 188 (Teleforeningen) had a disconnect which meant that we were back in 4th for the race, which also meant we would have enough points to secure 2nd place in the overall GT3 championship.

We had decided that Lee would be the driver behind the wheel for both the race and the season — and of course, Lee being Lee; he never drives slow and did what he could to reduce the gap between us and the P3 car — And with 20 left of the race we could kind of taste the 3rd place because car 777 DSR-Gadgethust had technical issues and had rejoin the server again which meant when the checked flag fell — We were instead of 7 laps behind them only 3 laps.

At the end of the race, we had no other things to worry about race-wise, so we had an internal competition to see who came closest to the remaining fuel in the tank at the end of the race and just making the best out of the remaining season finale.

We finished just short of the final race podium on P4 but we are happy that we came out of the race this good because we did have a few difficult moments where things just didn’t go well for us — and we might not have won a place on the podium but we got the second place in the GT3 Championship allover.

We at GlamRacing just want to give the biggest thank to all of the other teams in GT3 — Thank you for the amazing battles this season, for keeping us on our toes, and for just such a wonderful vibe there has been between all of the team in GT3.

To all of the folks in GTR24H, Commentators, Race Control, and everyone in broadcasting — ALL OF YOU! Thank you for giving us the EEWC and for keeping us awake in all of the dark hours of the nights.

Thanks to all who have supported us this season — for seeing the live streams, sharing, and likes.

Lastly thanks to our sponsors GrizzlySimgineering and Powerwrap.

- Maria Rinhack

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