GTR24H Channel on Roku

GTR24H Channel on Roku

GTR24H Channel on Roku.

Do you have a Roku device? Great news, because then you can add the GTR24H channel. You will need either a Roku Player stick, or the Roku app on a smart TV. Some TCL and Hisense TVs even come with the Roku OS. Create a Roku account and add the GTR24H channel to your channels. The GTR24H channel is 100% free. In the Roku OS, you will find many other channels, some are free and some are paid channels.

Anthony Wood founded Roku and invented TV streaming. Roku’s goal is to become the streaming service that unites and enhances the global TV industry. Millions of users in North America, Latin America, and portions of Europe use Roku streaming devices today. Roku gives marketers advanced tools to reach and engage consumers, empowers content producers to grow and monetize massive audiences, and links users to the streaming content they love. In terms of streamed hours, Roku is the top TV streaming service in the United States, Canada, and Mexico (Hypothesis Group, Oct 2021).

Numerous streaming channels from both local and international content sources are available in the Roku channel marketplace. In every nation where our devices are sold, a specific Roku channel shop is available. Customers can easily and affordably access both free and paid material, including live TV, news, sports, blockbuster movies, popular old-school TV series, and contemporary music, thanks to Roku.

- Peter Munkholm

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