Musto GD-eSports attempting to become 2-time EEWC Champions

Musto GD-eSports attempting to become 2-time EEWC Champions

Musto GD esports will be taking aim at the upcoming Le Mans 24 Hours as they attempt to win the GTE category of the Endurance eRacing World Championship for a second year in a row.

They hold a 13-point advantage over World of Simracing iZone Performance heading into Le Mans, in a season that has had plenty of changes to the championship picture. The GTE class looks to be a treat in the finale, as it is arguably the most unpredictable and exciting category of the lot.

It was a difficult start to the season at Indianapolis for the reigning champions, at least by their high standards. Out of the 12 cars who started, they came home fourth, just ahead of WOSR. They bounced back extremely well with victory at Silverstone, but then a disappointing seventh-place finish set them back 19 points compared with race winners WOSR.

But ever since their Sebring disappointment, Musto haven’t looked back. At the Nürburgring and Spa, the Italian team took commanding victories to take control of the GTE championship.

Their teammates in the #54 BMW even helped them out by taking second ahead of WOSR, denying them an extra three points, making out that they are certainly in form.

Another thing swinging in Musto’s favour is the fact they have a car to play the team game with. This has already been put to good use at Spa, taking points away from WOSR, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come in handy again at the finale.

If the #53 runs into trouble and needs the points, the #54 could be pulled over to let their better-placed teammates through for the title. It’s an advantage that none of the other teams in contention have.

There are still four teams who can take home the EEWC title after Le Mans. The main two contenders have already been mentioned, but DIS SR Lab are still mathematically title pretenders.

They will need a top 5 at least and more realistically a win, being 32 points back, but you never know what might happen at Le Mans. The #54 Musto team can’t be discounted yet either, as they are 38 points back with still 52 remaining, but it’s highly unlikely this will take place.

More realistically, it’s a duel between Musto GDsports and WOSR iZone Performance. A battle we’ve seen multiple times before, between BMW and Porsche and for an Endurance eRacing World Championship title.

Join us between the 27th and 31st of October to watch this epic fight reach its inevitable conclusion.

- Ewan O’Leary

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