Roster rebuild time for Team Shazoo

Roster rebuild time for Team Shazoo.

Managing a driver roster is one of the most important tasks of an esports team. Every team always wants the best drivers, but getting the best out of the roster is vital to the success, not just of the roster itself, but to the organisation as a whole. When a roster isn’t performing to the organisation’s expectations, difficult decisions have to be made to move forward, whether that is a roster change or a different approach to improve the performances of the drivers concerned.

Scotlands Team Shazoo has announced that they are rebuilding their ACC roster from the ground up, and are looking to put a new manager in to drive this new lineup forwards. Changing a few drivers in a roster is nothing uncommon, but a complete rebuild is not often seen, and the reason for the rebuild is because of inactivity in the existing ACC roster. Whilst some Team Shazoo drivers still represent the brand in other areas, such as iRacing, others have had to divert their attention elsewhere, and for many, this time of year is exam time. Its worth remembering that the vast majority of competitive sim racers are still in education, be it school, college or university, which further adds pressure on any esports organisation to maintain a roster that can fulfil the expectations of said organisation, but also is flexible enough to support the needs of the driver, both in terms of sim racing performance and real-world commitments.

If you think you have what it takes to rebuild the ACC roster and restart Team Shazoo’s drive for success in ACC, head over to their Twitter or discord for details about what is required, and how to apply.

- Chris Buxton

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