Silverstone Race Week Statistics

We honestly expected the viewer numbers on our own platforms to exceed the numbers from Indianapolis, but this turned out to not be the case. One of the answers is certainly due to the lower popularity of the track in the USA. We lost about 20 % viewership from Indianapolis going into Silverstone.
Teams have no fans
Another very strong contributing fact is that most teams do not have anyone who supports them enough to either watch or share the content and live streams. There simply are no fans of the teams or drivers. This will be our most important point of action going forward: Our primary job is to help the teams build their fanbases. Without this, we see absolutely no future for sim racing as a professional esport.

As far as numbers from other platforms, we have been fed questionable numbers from ESR TV, which in the end led to the mutual cancellation of the contract. This is why we are now partnering with Esport TV instead. ESTV will give us direct access to viewer numbers on their platform, which means direct feedback to you as well. The numbers are included under the heading Esport TV.

All in all we continue to fight together with you for sim racing to become the next big esport.
Quality of the product
We ourselves felt the live stream was missing video from the teams as well as interviews. Teams and drivers should expect commentators to get far more aggressive in tracking down drivers and getting interviews. Drivers should also expect to be asked to thank sponsors, as the whole purpose of sponsors is to give them exposure. Something we want to help the teams with as much as we possibly can.

As far as errors in live timing and overlays we have come a long way since Le Mans 2020, but we are not there yet. We continue the work to improve and build unique ways for viewers and fans to follow the race.
Esport TV
Session: 21,183
Unique Viewers: 19,613
Minutes Watched: 35,980

Sessions: 32,348
Unique Viewers: 30,278
Minutes Watched: 48,147

Sessions: 55,829
Unique Viewers: 51,073
Minutes Watched: 116,879

Sessions: 109,960
Unique Viewers: 100,964
Minutes Watched: 201,006
GTR24H Viewer and listener numbers
GTR24H Streaming (Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Periscope/Twitter): 61,331 Minutes watched.
GTR24H Radio Broadcast: 75,998 Minutes heard.
GTR24H Social Media Reach and exposure
Reach: 114,700
Followers: +5,200
Most engaged segment: Men, age 24 to 35
Fastest growing segment: Men, age 18 to 24

Impressions: 23,600
Followers: +15

Impressions: 2,900
Followers: +4
Total reach: 242,164
Total minutes watched: 338,335

- Peter Munkholm




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Peter Munkholm

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